There are 12,500 athletes from about 200 countries. The Olympics originally planned to be in Tokyo from July 24th to August 9th 2020. But there is a new virus that has started and the Olympics might not happen now.

The official decision to postpone the Olympics by a year was made at the end of March 2020, after the Canadian National Olympic Committee announced that it would not send its athletes to the Games in 2020 due to the risk of the disease.

Programme, premiersa, participants

There will be many competitions and games. Some happen in Rio, where the Olympics are. Many competitions happen at arenas which are right near the Olympic Village. There are 339 sets of medals to win in 41 different sports. These include things like swimming, shooting and running races.

Tokyo 2020 Medals

The 2020 Olympics will see the debut of new sports, including karate, rock climbing, surfing and skateboarding. Baseball will be back after a 12-year break. Softball is also being played again after it was last seen in 2008’s Beijing Olympics.

Japan wanted to host the 2020 Olympics, and included some sports that they don’t usually have in the Olympics. This will be the first time people can watch 3×3 basketball and BMX freestyle. They are also going to have a mixed relay event for swimming and a mixed team event for judo, triathlon, and archery. The USA has the biggest team in the Olympics with 613 athletes. Germany has 430 members on its national team.

Record number of doping samples

The WADA will collect 5,000 samples for the 2020 Olympics. 4,930 samples were collected at Rio 2016. In 2020, doping officers and 700 support staff will work with the Japan Anti-Doping Agency to collect samples from athletes.

Record number of doping samples to be collected from athletes at 2020 Games

The CEO of the ITA, Benjamin Cohen, said that Tokyo 2020 will use a new way to detect banned substances. They will take a few drops of blood and put them on special paper. It is easier to transport and store the tests this way. The old ways of taking urine or blood samples will also be used.

The samples collected from the Olympics in Tokyo 2020 will be stored for up to 10 years at a storage facility in Switzerland. Experts want to use new methods of detecting drugs that are not available now, so they can reanalyze the samples.

Games and coronavirus

On July 21, two days before the start of the Olympics, 1,832 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Tokyo. This is the highest number since January 20. Tokyo has been ranked as a level four emergency state due to the spread of this virus. The total number of people who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 that is related to these Olympics was 79.

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