The second day of the Olympic women’s basketball tournament took place in Tokyo on Tuesday, July 27th. Team USA beat Team Nigeria 81-72. Other countries also lost their games.


The Nigerian women’s team started the Olympics with four straight defeats. All of them were in friendly matches. They lost to Belgium, then Belgium again, and also USA. Before that they had two victories: against Puerto Rico and Serbia.

Nigerian team, even though not the best, still has powerful and agile players. Now we have a game against the Americans. And the prospects are not good at all.


As I mentioned before, the USA team beat Nigeria in their Olympic final test match. There’s a good chance that it will happen again in this game because the USA is so confident and rarely loses. They lost only one game out of seventeen to Australia.

The visiting team can play at the best level in the next game. The Americans, even with their less-than-perfect squad, can easily beat Nigeria. That was the case a few days ago and that may be the case in the first round of the Olympics. In terms of shooting and tactics, Americans are much stronger than Nigerians.

Game history

The 15-time Olympic gold medalists from the USA were unexpectedly beaten by France. The game was so close, but France won by 3 points. Evan Fournier played the best in this game with 28 points. One of America’s top players Jrue Holiday scored 18 points for his team.

The USA has won the Olympics 6 times. They did not loose a single game until 2004. Then they lost three games and got a bronze medal instead.

The results

The USA’s women’s team beat the Nigerian team in the first round of Olympic soccer. The score was 81-72. Next, they will play Japan on July 30th, and Nigeria will play France on the same day.

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