The Nigerian and American women’s teams will play each other at the 2020 Olympics. We will talk about their strengths and weaknesses. Then we will say who is stronger and who is weaker.


The Nigerian women’s national team has lost 4 games in a row. They all happened to be friendly matches. Nigeria has also had 2 victories before the losses started happening. The first was against Puerto Rico (89-63), and then they also beat Serbia (59-56).

Nigeria is not the best team, but they are good against bad teams. The Americans are one of the best teams and we will not do well.


As mentioned above, the USA beat Nigeria in their final test match before the Olympics. In this game, they were in good form and never lost before. They have only lost one game in 17 games against Australia.

In the next game, the visiting team can play at a high level. The American team is good and can easily beat Nigeria. That was the case a few days ago, and this may be true in the first round of Olympic games. In terms of shooting and tactics, Americans are much stronger.

Face-to-face meetings

The most recent meeting took place on July 19. As I said before, the Americans played at home and they won with a score of 93-62. Once again, the difference in skill levels impacted the game; even though they had less players than the other team, they were more efficient. And they won each quarter – only one of these quarters was hard for them to win.

Nigeria – USA match prediction

America has a good chance of winning the tournament. They are really good at playing and they are going to start off with this game. The Americans will have a lot of motivation to win this game, so it is smart for you to bet on them.

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