What to bet on? Nigeria v Cameroon

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Nigeria and Cameroon will play a football game on June 4. We predict that Nigeria will win and we want to bet that they will too.


Nigeria easily qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations. They had a total of 14 points and seven points more than second place Benin. Nigeria won 3-0 against Lesotho at home and also beat Benin 1-0 away in their last matches.


Cameroon were hard to win, but they still qualified for the Africa Group Stage. They had three wins and two ties, with one loss. They beat Cape Verde by just one point. The Cameroonians played their last matches in qualification in a lacklustre way- they only lost to Cape Verde (1-3) and only won against Rwanda (0-0).


The results of the recent Africa Cup of Nations selection matches point towards Nigeria. They have won all their games at home recently and Cameroon has lost all three away games. So we suggest betting on Nigeria with a neutral handicap of around 3 goals or more.

In our prediction, we think that Nigeria will win with a handicap. They have been playing well and they are in good shape. We also think that it is best to bet on moderate performance because Cameroon has played well in the past but Nigeria is strong.

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