Kenya’s Emmanuel Korir won the 800m at the Tokyo Olympics. His compatriot Ferguson Cheruiyot Rotich came in second.

  1. Emmanuel Kipkurui Korir of Kenya 1:45.06
  2. Ferguson Cheruiyot Rotich (Kenya) – 1:45.23
  3. Patryk Dobek (Poland) – 1:45.39

Emmanuel Korir from Kenya won the 800m race. He ran the course in 1:45.06 and his country had never won a gold medal at the Olympics before. His compatriot, Ferguson Rotich, came second with a time of 1:45.23 and Patrik Dobek from Poland finished third with a time of 1:45.39

Kenya has won three Olympics in a row at 800 meters. The most recent Olympics was won by Wilfred Bonghei, but London and Rio de Janeiro were both won by David Rudisha. David Rudisha also holds the world and Olympic records for 800 meters.

Scandal earlier

An athlete has been suspended from the Olympics because he violated a rule about doping. The press service of an international agency for drug testing said this.

Doping is when someone gives athletes drugs. The samples given by Abrahamyan were found to have three drugs in them: dehydrochloromethyl-testosterone, methandienone and tamoxifen. The athlete can request that the samples be checked again to see if there are any more drugs in them. There will be a men’s shot put competition on August 3rd.

A Kenyan athlete who is good at running 100 meters ran in the Olympics. The athlete tested positive for doping. The doping was found in the first sample, and the athlete wanted to know what was in the second sample with an autopsy. So they were suspended from running 100 meters, and did not run it on 1 August.

The Independent Anti-Doping Authority has banned 20 athletes from the Tokyo Olympics. The reason for the exclusion was non-compliance with paragraph 15 of the anti-doping rules, which requires athletes to undergo three out-of-competition doping tests at intervals of at least three weeks over a 10 month period. Athletes from six countries – Nigeria (10), Belarus (3), Ukraine (3), Ethiopia (1), Kenya (2), Morocco (1) – were banned by the AIU for violating this rule.

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