In the game between Nigeria and Japan, it is worth assuming that Nigeria will do a good job. I think they are going to win.


The team which is the host of the Olympic tournament will try to win in the upcoming game. The play-offs are at stake. It will be decided whether Japan can make it out or not. They need to win and they have a good chance of doing so because their opponents are more powerful.


Nigeria is going to play well in this game. It’s a long shot that they will win, but they are an underdog and have some advantages against the home team. They are quick and that can help them beat the home team.

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The last time these two teams played was a long time ago. The outcome of the match is not important. Nigeria has lost every game in the last five matches. Japan has only lost one game in their last five games against America.

Japan vs Nigeria match prediction

It’s likely to be a close game. Nigeria want to make the playoffs. They have natural gifts, but not much skill. But they could win now and it is worth betting on them. Japan looks better, but it is hard to say no to betting on Africa because they are very close and could win now too.

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