The countries Brazil and Kenya will play the last game of the 5th round in 2020. Brazil is in first place while Kenya is near the bottom.


Brazil has 4 wins and 1 loss. They lost 3 sets but won against the team with the first place, Serbia. The Dominican Republic was a good opponent but Brazil still won with a score of 3-2.


Kenya is not doing very well in this tournament. They have lost all their matches so far and they are not very good. Teams like the Dominican Republic, Japan, Serbia and South Korea are better than them. Kenya did not do well at all in this tournament and will not qualify for anything.

In private matches

Brazil has won all six matches against Kenya. The last match was at the World Cup and it was a clear win for Brazil. There is nothing to catch Kenya now, because they are worse than Brazil in skill.

Prediction for the match Brazil – Kenya

Brazilians are taller than the Australians. They will have a better skill and be more classier, which will help them to get a big lead in the match. We can expect them to win by 28 more points.

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