The main selling point of the old Bet9ja mobile site was its simplicity and focus on the core service, online sports betting. Many players got accustomed to this design, which explains why many punters still prefer the old Bet9ja mobile site. The new Bet9ja mobile site has a more modern look and feel, and offers more features and

How to access bet9ja old mobile?

To access the Bet9ja old mobile you need to be a registered Bet9ja user. To register as a player on Nigeria’s biggest online sports betting site, follow the simple steps below:

  • Follow the URL:
  • Log in or register you don’t have an account
  • If you need to register, provide valid personal information: email address, names and date of birth. Don’t forget to use Bet9ja promotion code SPORTMAX to get a 100% bonus
  • Click “Continue” and you will be redirected to the next page.
  • Provide all the other details like username, password, mobile number and state, before clicking on Continue.
  • At this point, you have completed the Bet9ja registration process and you can deposit money into your account.Old Mobile Bet9ja

If you want to login into Bet9ja old mobile site, you can use the username and password combination on the official website or on the mobile apps. This will give you access to your account and allow you to place wagers.

The new Bet9ja mobile site may seem intimidating at first, but it is actually quite user-friendly. The layout is modern and sleek, and there are plenty of features to make sports betting a breeze. Whether you are a seasoned bettor or new to the game, this app is definitely worth checking out.

Why should I use the bet9ja old mobile site?

One of the main reasons why Bet9ja decided to revamp its old mobile version was to keep up with the fast-changing technology requirements for design and visual layout. The new mobile site was supposed to offer a much improved and optimized design than the older version.

However, several reasons have contributed to the old Bet9ja mobile app remaining a firm favourite among players. The first reason why the old mobile site remains tremendously popular is its ease of support by older mobile phones. With many online punters still using older phones, they’ve found a darling in the old mobile app’s compatibility.

Secondly, the interface on the old Bet9ja mobile app is much simpler and straightforward. It is uncluttered and very user-friendly, which has endeared it to many sports bettors. The new mobile site, on the other hand, comes with a lot of frills and whistles that may be overwhelming for some players.

In a country where many states experience slow internet connectivity, the old Bet9ja mobile has won over the hearts of players due to its reliability even on slower networks. With most phones still using 3G internet connectivity, the old Bet9ja mobile app remains a reliable companion to many users.

An old saying, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Like in many industries, bettors are averse to changes they deem disruptive to their betting experience. With most players still used to the old-fashioned online betting way, the old Bet9ja remains their preferred choice as long as it’s working.

The Pros of the Bet9ja Old App

  • Free to download
  • User-friendly interface allowing for ease of navigation
  • Allows players to bet on the go
  • Compatible with many smartphones including older mobile devices
  • Quick access all the features of the main website
  • Easy and fast payments

The Cons of the Bet9ja Old App

  • Has to be downloaded
  • Takes up memory in the phone
  • May need to be updated regularly

Bet9ja Old version- Check Our review

It is hard to deny that the Bet9ja old mobile site is still popular among players, even though the new app has been rolled out. While bookmakers should always strive to provide additional value and convenience with their products, many players feel that this was not achieved with the new app. In particular, the new app seems to be more difficult to use and navigation. As a result, many players have reverted back to using the old mobile site.

Still, some players are firm believers of “in with the new and out with old.” If you hold these sentiments and you’d rather use the new app, you can check our article about it here.